amerikahausTransatlantic link: The U.S.A.'s
cultural link to Munich.

AMERIKAHAUS: The USA’s cultural link to Munich, this center dishes out a full program for US visitors and expats wanting to stay connected with life across the Atlantic.
Events include theatre performances, concerts and book readings by successful North American authors.

The center holds monthly literary evenings, lectures on topics such as climate change, and election night parties. Changing exhibitions showcase photography and other artwork from the USA. A library stocks English-language books, magazines and videos.

The center has regular info sessions and assessment tests for Germans wanting to study or work in the States. Check out the Amerika haus website for a program of upcoming events.

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Location: Karolinenplatz 3
Phone: 089 05 52 53 70
The library and exhibitions are open Monday to Friday from 12pm to 5pm, Wednesdays to 8pm.
Cost: Free entry to the library and exhibitions, and many other events are also free.
Directions: A short stroll south-east of Königsplatz, north of the Hauptbahnhof.

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