Alternative Oktoberfest venue

ALTERNATIVE OKTOBERFEST VENUE: The Wiesnzelt, meaning literally the Oktoberfest tent, is an alternative beer fest that ironically doesn’t take place in a tent. Instead, it’s on at the Löwenbräukeller, the home of Munich’s most famous export beer.
The party runs every night (except for Sundays) during the regular Oktoberfest. Doors open on Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30 pm. and on Friday to Saturday at 6:30 pm, beer swigging and Bavarian music fill the hall until 10pm and then DJ and rockier bands take over until silly o’clock. On other days during the Oktoberfest, the Wiesnzelt only opens at 10pm for the afterparty.

The Details

Location: Stiglmaierplatz, Munich.

More info and booking: Check out the official website at if you’re interested in going to this party.

Photos from the Wiesnzelt

Photos courtesy of the event organisers.

oktoberfestA bunch of ladies get into the party at Stiglmaierplatz.

oktoberfestThe band looks like they're keeping everyone entertained!

oktoberfest-band-wiesn-tentMore traditional Bavarian band memebers.

oktoberfest-girls-at-afterpartyA bunch of girls pose for a shot in the Oktoberfest beer hall.

oktoberfest-guys-at-partySome guys posing for a shot.


party-people-bang-onParty people at this alternative Oktoberfest venue.

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