Adidas has made an Oktoberfest shoe and it repels beer and spew

The footware firm's new edition of its classic München sneakers pay tribute to Oktoberfest

Adidas has released a special version of its 'München' sneakers just for the Oktoberfest - and the firm claims they’re resistant to beer and puke.
The German-made sneakers, which cost $US240, are said to be inspired by Lederhosen, boasting high-quality leather and a special coating which should make it easy to wipe off any unfortunate spillages from the beer glass - or the drinker’s belly.

adidas-oktoberfest-sneakersAdidas's new München shoe pays tribute to the Munich Oktoberfest. Pics: 43einhalb

adidas-oktoberfest-sneakers-muenchen It's not a traditional Oktoberfest shoe, but the new-edition München does look quite at home with a pair of lederhosen.

Adidas’s classic three stripes and other highlights are done in gold (the colour of beer) with the famous German beer cry ‘Prost’ printed just above.
A bit of embroidery at the back and ‘checkered’ laces (kind of like a traditional Oktoberfest shirt) complete the shoes’ festive look.
Adidas first made its München model in 1979, but these are the first edition that just might be worth raising a glass for!

adidas-oktoberfest-sneakers-germanyThe Oktoberfest-themed shoe is said to be resistant to beer and spew stains.


September 5, 2017

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