Oktoberfest map

OKTOBERFEST MAP: Here's where you can download a copy of the official Oktoberfest flyer, which includes a map of the grounds.
Do yourself a favour and print out a copy becasue it’s easy to get lost amid the drunken masses.

To walk there from the Main Train Station you’ll want to come down Bayer Strasse (top right of the map), and then along Herman Lingg Strasse to the main entrance.

You can, of course, join the sweaty throngs and take the U-Bahn, the
Theresienwiese is one stop from the Main Train Station on the U4 or U5.
Have fun at the festival!

oktoberfest-2012-mapGUIDE: Click on the image to get to the official Munich Oktoberfest 2012
flyer as a PDF which includes a map.

Google map of the Oktoberfest

Here's a Google map of the Oktoberfest grounds which I annotated to show all the tents and other things of need.

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