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What comes to mind when you think of
Munich and Bavaria?

Lederhosen, laptops and fairy-tale castles. State-of-the-art cars and age-old traditions.
Golden beer, white sausages and rolling green hills all the way to the Alps.
Sweet dreams are made of this and so is Bavaria, Germany’s most enchanting corner and a must on any European tour.
Hi, I’m Stuart, a journalist and long-time lover of all things Munich and Bavaria. I’ve created this site tfor people who are planning a trip to this beautiful part of Germany, and those who just have an interest in the region.
It's a place I’ve come to love and if you’re lucky enough to visit, I’m sure you will too.
So pull up a chair and get comfy. It’s time to explore Munich and Bavaria - Its world-class attractions, leafy biergartens, its countryside castles and kooky customs. As they say here: Willkommen in Bayern!

destination-munich-germanyMunich is the jewel of Germany - a viabrant, fun and fascinating city.

To introduce this beautiful part of the world let’s join the Destination Munich “tour” of the city centre…

destination-munich-girlBMWs and fine brews, lederhosen and Dirndl
dresses, what comes to mind when you think
of Munich? Pic:  Traveller_40

“First time in Munich? Then welcome, and as we say here, servus! Let's start the tour, shall we? We’re standing in Marienplatz, the beating heart of the city.
Directly front of you is the Neues Rathaus. That’s our neo-gothic City Hall. Impressive, don’t you think? In its centre is the famous Glockenspiel. It jumps into action three times a day.

“And over there to your right is the Fish Fountain. It’s the city’s favourite meeting spot so if anyone gets lost on the tour just head back here and we’ll find you. But don’t let anyone throw you in like they used to do to the butchers.

“Now look up there to your left. See the two towers with the onion domes? That’s the Frauenkirche, our cathedral. We’ll go inside later and see the Devil’s footprint.
“I think you'll like the story behind that. One of the towers is a little bit higher than the other, can you tell which?“Have a look around here but please don’t take too long. There’s heaps to see in this city and we’re just getting started. So come along now, the Hofbräuhaus is right around the corner…

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munich-hotels  An insider’s guide to choosing the   Munich hotel that’s right for you –
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  Munich has rarely been accused of   being a budget destination but luckily   the quality of the lodgings tends to   match the price-tags.
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10 things this website can do for you...

munich-oktoberfest-2012-germanyThere's a lot more to Munich than the best beer
in the world. It can, however, be a good place to
start. That's me on the right in my lederhosen,
can't wait for the Munich Oktoberfest 2016.

Maybe you aren't in Munich yet, but the fact you’ve found this website tells me you’re at least thinking about visiting the southern German capital.
Destination Munich isn't just the Web’s grooviest travel guide to the world’s greatest city.It's also the most fun, informative and entertaining “helping hand” for planning your visit and finding things to do in Munich.

Here are 10 things Destination Munich can do to help you plan your visit:

1. HELP YOU SAVE $$$: Let’s face it, travelling isn’t easy on the wallet. Destination Munich contains heaps of ideas for how to help you keep costs down.
For details on great value tours and activities see: Tours in Munich

SHOW YOU WHAT TO DO IN MUNICH: This website includes over 60 reviews of Munich monuments attractions as well as dozens of stories about to do and see in the city: Munich Attractions. And if it's retail therapy you need, check out our guide to Shopping in Munich Germany

3. GET READY FOR THE OKTOBERFEST: The world’s biggest folk festival draws millions of visitors who have the best time of their lives. Be one of them! Oktoberfest Munich

4. CHECK OUT SOME OTHER FESTIVALS: There are tons of other great festivals and events in Munich aside from the big mamma mentioned above. Check out a few of them here: Munich Festivals

5. SLEEP EASY: Find the right place to stay for your budget and tastes, be it a five-star luxury hotel, a budget family guesthouse, a student-friendly hostel or even a campsite! Accommodation Munich

GET AROUND: Train, tram, subway and bus, the site has a complete guide on getting around Munich and how to buy public transport tickets: Getting Around Munich

GET OUT OF THE CITY: Age old towns, mad kings and castles, mountains and romantic roads - Bavaria is the stuff of dreams. Here are some ideas to help you explore it: Day Trips from Munich.

STOP YOU FROM GETTING LOST: Destination Munich includes dozens of inlaid maps of attractions, festivals, transport networks, etc. There are also links to where you can download free PDF Munich maps.
Each review page also includes directions you’ll know the quickest way to get to where you’re going: Munich and Bavaria Maps

GIVE YOU THE BACK STORY: Bavaria’s culture is unique in the world and its history is turbulent and fascinating. Here’s where we scratch past the surface and find out what makes it so unique: Munich Backstory

. SELL YOU A TAKE-WITH GUIDE: Years in the making, the PDF eBook Destination Munich and Bavaria can now be yours to own. It’s 285 pages of maps, photos and info. Print it out or use it on your tablet or smartphone as you travel: Destination Munich eBook

So, that's about all from me for now. Please enjoy reading about, and hopefully coming to, the city they call Europe’s biggest village.

Munich in a nutshell

Status: Capital of Bavaria, the biggest and richest state in Germany.
Population: 1.4 million
Known for: Oktoberfest, lederhosen, BMW, Olympics
in ’72, birthplace of the beer garden
Language spoken: German and a local dialect called Boarisch
Useful phrases: -Grüss Gott (formal hello),
-Servus (informal hello, goodbye),
-Gut schaust du aus (you look great),
-Noh a Moss, bitte! (One more litre mug of beer, please!)
-Hast du ’was Klopapier? (Have you got any loo paper?)
Famous past residents: Vladimir Lenin, Lola Montez, Freddie Mercury , Joseph Ratzinger (the Pope), Lou Bega
Currency: The Euro € . One Euro equals about 1.08 US dollars, 0.70 British pounds, 1.52 Australian dollars and 2.33 Tonga Pa'anga
Common souvenirs: Beer steins, lion dolls, Oktoberfest hats
Quote: “Today is the good old times of tomorrow”–Munich comic Karl Valentin

Do you like this site? Get the guidebook!

Destination-Munich-eBook Every once in a while a book comes along that changes your life.
Until it does, please consider buying Destination Munich and Bavaria, the grooviest, most informative guide on the market :-)
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And finally...This is the most-booked tour through Destination Munich:

Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof Day Tour from Munich

Duration: About 11 hours
You start this tour with a visit to Schloss Linderhof. Then you'll scoot over to the nearby village of Oberammergau for a shopping/sightseeing expedition.
It's a gorgeous place, full of picture-postcard old houses with the backdrop of the Alps.
viator-linderhofThen you'll head over to Hohenschwangau where you can explore the castles Schloss Hohenschwangau and the big daddy of them all, Schloss Neuschwanstein. (Read more about the tour)

After something more comprehensive? Why not escape the winter blues and go on the trip of your life? Take a look at this dream holiday...

Winter splurge: 7 Days of Snow and Strong Beer in the Alps

viator-neuschwansteinCost: €4,000 (about $US4,290)
Duration: Seven days (Available February and March, 2016)
For those who love snow and beer, this is the perfect getaway. Our seven-day trip is absolutely perfect for anyone who wants to ski or snowboard in the German Alps, and try the world's best beer while you're at it.


• Seven day, six night vacation package with four star accommodation in Garmisch-Partenkirchen,Germany
• Daily breakfast included
• Airport shuttle to and from the Munich Airport to your hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
• Welcome dinner, tour, and seminar on the art of beer hosted by the Griesbrau Brewery included
• Ski lift tickets for four days included
• Reserved seating at Nockherberg Starkbier Festival and the Löwenbräukeller Festival included
• Day tour of Neuschwanstein castle, Oberammergau village, and the Ettal Monastery included
• Transportation to and from all events and a private tour guide included

. (Read more about the tour)