Swine flu at Oktoberfest

Event organisers have put together a series of tips to limit the risk of Swine Flu at Oktoberfest.

They’re not trying to make anyone panic – the incidence of Swine Flu in Bavaria has been very low.

No-one has died from it here..yet. Although there have been some reported cases, almost all were in people who had recently been to Mexico, the US or the UK.

That said, the risk of picking up any sort of virus has got to be a tad higher among thousands of drunk, sweaty revellers than if you just go to an art museum or something.


Here’s what the oktoberfest.de website recommends to ensure you come away from the Wiesn with nothing more nasty than a hangover:
Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com

1. Only drink out of your own Maß glass and don’t let anyone else drink out of it.
2. Don’t go kissing random strangers - This not only reduces the risk of infection but saves stress with your significant other.
3. Wash your hands regularly.
4. If you have to sneeze, do it onto your sleeve rather than into your palm and don’t go shaking hands with anyone straight afterwards.

It is, of course, up to each individual to decide to follow these suggestions or not.
I personally bet they’re going to be just as ignored as alcohol-free beer – at least the tip about not kissing random strangers.
After all, there’s an English expression that the Germans love saying over here: No risk, no fun.

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