Munich Spring Festival photos - a preview

"A selection of Spring Festival photos for your amusement."

If you can’t make it to Munich during Oktoberfest time, this is probably the next best thing.
The Munich Spring Festival (Münchener Frühlingsfest) takes place every year for a couple of weeks around the end of April/start of May.
It’s quite a bit smaller than the Oktoberfest with only a couple of big beer tents, so expect a slightly cozier atmosphere. Make it if you can!

friends-spring-festivalA group of friends wait for the fireworks outside on the grass at the Munich Spring Festival
(Münchener Frühlingsfest). Photo:  Traveller_40

muenchener-fruhlingsfest-tentMostly empty benches inside one of the tents at the Munich Spring Festival. It must
have just opened! Photo:  246-You

beer-festival-food Classic Bavarian beer festival fare: half a chicken (Hendl) with a bun (Semmel).
At the Spring Festival, this will set you back about 10 euros.

fruhlingsfest-posterOne of the cuter Spring Festival posters of recent times :-)
Pic: Wuppataler

augustiner-tent-spring-festival Ahhhh, that's better! Ths same view in the same tent, but now full of happy
party-goers. Photo:  chagaz

ferris-wheel-spring-festAre you brave enough to take on the Ferris wheel!? Photo: KalleKarl

spring-festival-skyline The ferris wheel from another angle, with St Paul's Church lit up
in the background. Great shot! Photo:  picmasta

powerjumping-spring-festivalAnyone for power jumping? One of the amusements at the Munich Spring Festival.
Photo:  246-You

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