Oktoberfest lost and found

Angel wings and wedding rings? The Oktoberfest lost and found guide to getting your stuff back.
If you accidentally leave something under the tables at Oktoberfest you can rest assured you’re not alone.

Even Superman did it last year, although the oldies seem to be learning how to keep their false teeth intact.
Every year over 4000 lost items are handed in, many never to be seen again by their owners.

It’s always fun reading the statistics. Among the left-behinds from last year were 680 ID cards and passports, 410 wallets, 360 keys, 265 spectacles, 280 mobile phones and 80 cameras.

A superman costume, a pair of angel wings, four wedding rings and a set of diving goggles also turned up. A Dachshund was found wondering drunk through the grounds but was eventually picked up by its owner.

In 2008 no pairs of dentures were found for the first time in decades. The German Health Minister claimed it as a victory for improved dental health standards across the country.

The Oktoberfest lost and found office (Fundbüro) is behind the Schottenhamel Festhalle beer tent, to the left of the main thoroughfare if you enter the grounds from the north.

It’s open from 12.30pm to 11pm every day of the fest (Phone: 089 23 33 02 98).
After the festival you can search for lost items through the Munich Lost-and-Found office - Fundbüro der Landeshauptstadt München (Address: Oetztaler Strasse, 17/Rgb, Phone: 089 23 34 59 05).
If not claimed, lost items are kept for six months and then auctioned off.

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