Oktoberfest clipart

If you’re putting something together about the Munich Oktoberfest (or an Octoberfest event in another part of the world) you might be looking for Oktoberfest clipart.
Yep, you can provide the words, but a couple of illustrations might be just the thing to top off your Oktoberfest party invitations, your Oktoberfest school assignment or your "them was the days!" Oktoberfest memories scrapbook.


But where in the name of Princess Therese Charlotte Luise of Saxony-Hildburghausen (phew!) can you find the stuff?

Get yourself seated and relax, as I’ve already scoured the web to find where the best free, almost free and darn pricey Oktoberfest clip art is to be had.

Free Oktoberfest clip art

Although a lot of clipart pages claim to be "free" what they really mean is "royalty-free".
This means you have to pay for the images, but only once, when you buy them. Most websites offering Oktoberfest clipart are like this.
There is a couple, though, that are truly free, to wit:

- www.123gif.de - Has a small collection of Oktoberfest illustrations, some are even moving gif files like the one pictured here. All totally free, woohoo!
- webclipart.about.com - Has a limited choice of computer-generated Oktoberfest illustrations put together by Bobbie Peachey. You have to click around a bit, but they’re not too bad. If you use the illustrations on a website he asks you to add a link back to the site.

Not so free Oktoberfest clip art

If you’ve decided you can afford to cough up a little for your clip art your options expand like my waistline after three steins of beer!
To get a quality royalty free piece of Oktoberfest clip art you should be willing to fork out at least US$15.
Here are a few sites I recommend:

Oktoberfest clip art image from www.istockphoto.com

- www.istockphoto.com - I think this is the best one on the web. Click the tab for "illustrations", type in Oktoberfest and away you go, an awesome collection of beautiful Oktoberfest clipart.
You have to make an account and pay for your pics using istockphoto’s own in-house credits.
- www.clipart.com - Just run a search for Oktoberfest and there you have it. With this kind of site, you can buy a subscription allowing you to download as many illustrations as you want over a set time period.
- www.fotosearch.de - This is a more expensive one based in Germany, but still might be worth a look.
- www.mygrafico.com - this site has an Oktoberfest clip art collection for US$5 at the bottom of this page.

So there you have it!
Have fun putting together your Oktoberfest invitations or whatever and remember: lederhosen is sexy, beer tastes good and hangovers wear off.

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