Lederhosen photos

Yet another collection of guys and girls in wonderful lederhosen....because you love it!

Guess what the most popular search term is for www.destination-munich.com ?

"Munich vacations", "Attractions in Munich", even "Munich Oktoberfest" would be up there, wouldn’t they? If I were you, I’d expect it to be something like this, but it’s so not. Nope.

The most popular search term, the one thing that draws the highest number of visitors to this site is simply "lederhosen". Why the world has such a fascination for leather pants, I don’t know. When I first started living in Bavaria I thought they looked rather silly myself.
It took me a few years to come around, but now I’m something of a fan, and even have my own set. If you’re coming to Oktoberfest in Munich you might want to think about investing in a pair. A full set starts at around €200!

Two older fellas in lederhosen somewhere in the Alps. iPic: alisharusher

girls-kiss-in-lederhosen One girl kisses another in lederhosen at a beer festival. Pic: avarty

A waiter and waitress in lederhosn at a festival. Pic: avarty

One guy shows off his kit dancing on one of the beer benches
(try to avoid doing this at the Munich Oktoberfest,
it's not at all frowned upon). Pic: avarty

These girls spice up their lederhosen with elegant neck scarves.
I believe this is what they call "Lederhosen Love". Pic: avarty

Trying hard not to get wet riding a bike in lederhosen. Pic: _dChris

Another cyclist in full Tracht on two wheels. Pic: _dChris

Hat with Gamsbart, twirly moustashe, cross-piece bearing
the two-headed eagle. This guy is a true Austrian!
Pic: _dChris

Another old-school lederhosen lad in full regalia. Pic: _dChris

This guy has three-quarter lengh lederhosen, just like me. Pic: barockschloss

partying it up inside a beer tent. Pic: avarty

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