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On 11 September, 2012 Alex from Guernsey asked:

Hi Stuart
I am from Guernsey in the Channel Islands and myself and 2 other friends are looking to road trip to Munich (21 Sep - 24 Sep) for this years Oktoberfest.
We have our own tents and are looking for somewhere cheap to stay, without being too far away from the action.
Do you have any suggestions?

All the best


Hi Alex,
Great to hear from you. I've actually been to Guernsey for a week about 10 years ago on my first overseas trip. A mate of mine was working in the pub at L'Eree and I was there to visit. What can I say - I loved the place! I even wrote a story about Guernsey cows for my local newspaper in Australia :-)
Anyway, enough prattle. There are some great camp-sites around Munich as outlined on the page Camping in Munich.

The Munich-Thalkirchen Camping Site is fairly cheap and they have a shuttle bus service to the Oktoberfest grounds. They don't take reservations so just get there as early in the day as you can. The Tent ( is another good option that's not too far away from the Oktoberfest grounds.

Remember though, the weather can really go either way during the festival, so check the forecast the week before and see if you need to bring extra blankets!
Have a great time at Oktoberfest!

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