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Tours of Bavaria

TOURS OF BAVARIA: My partners at the travel company Viator offer some of the best tours around Bavaria money can buy.
Taking an organised tour has a lot of advantages - you can avoid the hassle of public transport, meet fellow travellers and you get an entertaining tour guide who’s there to explain everything and enrich the whole experience. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and see Bavaria!

neuschwantein-arielTOURS OF BAVARIA: The very photogenic
royal castle, Schloss Neuschwanstein.

I've split the tour options into four broad categories:

1. The Royal Castles - Visit the "Fairy-Tale King" King Ludwig's fantastical creations.

2. Alpine Glory - Breathe the fresh mountain air of the Bavarian Alps.

3. Across the border to Austria - Sorties into Germany's lofty neighbour state.

4. Up the road - Journeys along the Romantic Road - Germany's loveliest tourist trail.

5. Why don't you sleep over? - Multi-day adventures between Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria's deep south all the way up the Romantic Road to Frankfurt.

The royal castles

These one-day tours focus on the fabulous creations of Bavaria’s so-called “Mad King”, Ludwig II.
His 22-year reign ended in a vey suspicious death in 1886.
Ludwig was a country gentleman and a keen project man. He left Bavaria with three of it’s most impressive buildings; the royal palaces of Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee and the mock knights’ castle, Neuschwanstein.

Neuschwanstein Castle Small Group Day Tour from Munich

viator-neuschwantein-fallCost: from €35
Duration: nine hours
You’ll take a rail journey to the Bavarian Alps to discover most famous castle of them all, Schloss Neuschwanstein.
A professional guide will show you around the area’s lakes and mountains and some hilltop vantage points for awe-inspiring views of the castle.
It’s not called the “eighth wonder of the world” for nothing you know!  
(Read more about the tour)

Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof Day Tour from Munich

viator-neuschwansteinCost: from €49
Duration: About 11 hours
You start this tour with a visit to Schloss Linderhof. Then you'll scoot over to the nearby village of Oberammergau for a shopping/sightseeing expedition.
It's a gorgeous place, full of picture-postcard old houses with the backdrop of the Alps.
viator-linderhofThen you'll head over to Hohenschwangau where you can explore the castles Schloss Hohenschwangau and the big daddy of them all, Schloss Neuschwanstein. (Read more about the tour)

Royal Castle of Linderhof and Oberammergau Day Tour from Munich

viator-linderhofCost: from €47
Duration: About 8 hours

This tour takes in Schloss Linderhof at a more leisurely pace, before heading over to Oberammergau for a shopping/sightseeing expedition.
There’s more time spent at Linderhof on this tour so you can explore the grounds properly and visit the Venus Grotto up the hill.  (Read more about the tour)

Royal Castle of Herrenchiemsee and Fraueninsel Day Tour from Munich

viator-herrenchiemseeCost: from €47
Duration: About 10 hours

Who would try to build a replica of Versailles Palace on an island in the middle of Bavaria’s biggest lake?
Why, our favourite crazy king, Ludwig II of course! The palace of Herrenchiemsee was Ludwig’s biggest and most expensive project and sits on the island of Herreninsel (Gentleman’s Island), in the middle of the Chiemsee lake.
viator-lakeThis tour includes a tour of the palace and a visit to another Chiemsee island, the Fraueninsel (Ladies’ Island).
It’s ironically the home of a monastery full of Benedictine monks. Amazing spot.
(Read more about the tour)

Herrenchiemsee Palace rail trip from Munich

herrenchiemsee-palace-rail-trip-from-munichCost: from €41
Duration: About 9.5 hours

Visit one of Germany’s loveliest royal attractions on a full-day rail trip to Herrenchiemsee Palace. Explore the islands of Herreninsel and Fraueninsel in Chiemsee, Bavaria’s largest lake, and experience the magnificent allure of the palace grounds.  (Read more about the tour)

Alpine glory

These two day-trips from Munich take you into the heart of the Bavarian Alps

Berchtesgaden and Eagle's Nest Day Tour from Munich

viator-brectesgadenCost: from €47
Duration: about 11 hours

Hitler’s generals had an elaborate birthday gift built for their master - the Eagle’s Nest.
viator-busYou’ll get to see it on this tour to Berchtesgaden, an Alpine region near Salzburg many people think is Bavaria’s most beautiful corner.
There’s also the option of visiting some subterranean salt mines and see an underground lake.  
(Read more about the tour)

Ettal Monastery and Zugspitze Day Tour from Munich

viator-ettalCost: from €89
Duration: About 8 hours

You’ll reach amazing heights on this day-trip from Munich.
First you'll visit the century Ettal Monastry, one of Germany’s most famous monk-havens that goes back to the 14th century.
Then it’s off to the nation’s highest peak, the Zugspitze. This alp soars to a massive 2,962m (9,788ft) and from the summit you can see into four countries – Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.
No need to worry, there’s a cable car that’ll take you all the way to the top.  
(Read more about the tour)
Across the border to Austria

Those damn hills really are alive!

These treks take you across the border into the thoroughly mountainy country of Austria. You can visit Salzburg or the Tyrolean capital of Innsbruck.

Salzburg Small Group Day Tour from Munich

viator-salzburgCost: from €35
Duration: 9.5 hours

Salzburg is one my favourite European cities – small, but cosmopolitan and oh so beautiful.
The whole place just looks incredibly dramatic. The old-town is filled with cobbled alleys and classic architecture and
surrounded by huge hills, one crowed with a gleaming white castle.
viator-salzburg-streetOn this rail day-trip from Munich you’ll have time to explore the city of Mozart at a relaxed pace accompanied by a guide.
(Read more about the tour) 

Salzburg and Lake District Day Tour from Munich

viator-salzburg-mozartCost: from €47
Duration: about 11 hours

Lakes, more lakes and beautiful city. That’s what you’ll see on this full-day tour from Munich.
You’ll pass by the Chiemgau to the city of Mozart, Salzburg, just across the border in Austria.
After exploring Salzburg’s old town you’ll visit lake Wofgangsee where you can go for a boat ride.
On the way back to Munich you’ll pass by Lake Mondsee, which you may recognise from “The Sound of Music”.
(Read more about the tour) 

Swarovski Crystal Worlds and Innsbruck Day Trip from Munich

viator-crystalCost: from €47
Duration: About 11 hours

This tour is a great chance to soak up some beautiful alpine scenery.
Leaving early from Munich, you’ll travel down to Tyrol, the mountainous strip of Austria between Germany and Italy.
You’ll pass crystal-clear lakes and soaring peaks on the way the Tyrolian capital, Innsbruck.
viator-innsbruckThis was where the winter Olympics were held in 1964 and 1976 – a small city with a “mountain village” atmosphere.
The tour includes a visit to Swarovski's Crystal World for a voyage into the sparkly world of crystals.
(Read more about the tour) 

Up the road

The Alps are pretty, sure, but Bavaria’s north is nothing to sneeze at either.
These tours of Bavaria head up to the ridiculously historic city of Nuremberg and Germany’s most famous touring route, the Romantic Road.

Romantic Road, Rothenburg and Harburg Day Tour from Munich

viator-harburgCost: from €47
Duration: about 11 hours

On this tour you’ll see one of the biggest and best-preserved “genuine” castles from the Middle Ages in all of Southern Germany.
viator-harburg-tourIt’s called Harburg and I can tell you from experience that it’s definitely worth a visit. After seeing the castle you’ll cruise up the Romantic Road to Rothenberg ob der Tauber to spend a few hours there.
You’ll return to Munich via the world’s biggest hops-growing are, the Hallertau. All that beer has gotta come from somewhere!
(Read more about the tour) 

Nuremberg Day Trip from Munich

viator-nurnbergCost: from €35
Duration: nine hours
Nuremberg’s history is reflected in two ways, through its well-preserved medieval Altstadt (Old Town) and the former Nazi area a few kilometres from the centre.
On this rail tour you’ll explore them both.
viator-nurnberg-gelandeFirst there’s a tour of the old town leading up to the grand castle at the top of the hill.
Then its off to the former Nazi grounds where you’ll see where Hitler orchestrated the infamous Nuremberg Rallies of the 1930s.
There’s also an excellent museum which tries to explain just how the Nazi party managed to gain so much power and influence in Germany. Fascinating stuff.
(Read more about the tour)

Overnight tours of Bavaria

Why don't you sleep over?

These two-day treks give you the option of either visiting Ludwig II’s royal castles at a lazy pace, or doing the Romantic Road and ending up in Frankfurt.

Overnight Royal Castles Tour - Linderhof, Hohenschwangau, Neuschwanstein

viator-neuschwansteinCost: from €219
Duration: two days, one night
This two-day royal trek starts with an early-morning departure from Munich. First you’ll bus down to see Schloss Linderhof and the nearby village of Oberammergau.
Then it’s over to the “King’s Corner” of Hohenschwangau where you check into a hotel for the night.
The next day you’ll visit the castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, and you’ll have time to explore the town of Füssen and the nearby crystal-clear lakes. One of Viator's most popular tours of Bavaria!
(Read more about the tour)

Overnight Munich to Frankfurt - Romantic Road, Rothenburg

Cost: from €189
Duration: Two days, one night

viator-rothenbergIf you’re pressed for time but still want to see some of the Bavarian countryside this might be your best option.
The tour starts out from Munich and then takes in the highlights of the northern Romantic Road -
, Nördlingen and Dinkelsbühl.
viator-augsburgAfter an evening tour of the medieval town of Rothenberg ob der Tauber you’ll rest easy.
On the following day can explore the town further before heading up to Frankfurt in the late afternoon.  
(Read more about the tour)

Three and four day tours of Bavaria and beyond

Get the whole story

Go for one of these if you want the full treatment. These multi-day tours of Bavaria and beyond explore Ludwig’s castles, the Romantic Road, as well as the famed university town of Heidelberg.

Three Day Munich to Frankfurt - Romantic Road, Heidelberg, Rothenburg

viator-rothenberg-2Cost: from €349
Duration: three days, two nights
You’ll experience the Romantic Road at a languid pace on this three-day tour.
You’ll set out from Munich and head north, taking in the ancient city of Augsburg and the quaint little villages of Donauwörth, Nördlingen, and Dinkelsbühl.
End station for day one is the gorgeous Rothenberg ob der Tauber, a village you’ll get to know on the nightwatchman’s tour.
viator-rothenberg-1You’ll have enough time to further explore Rothenberg on the second day before bussing it up to Frankfurt in the late afternoon. On day three there’s a half-day trip to the old university town of Heidelberg.
This includes a stroll through the inner courtyard of Heidelberg Castle.
Then you’ll head back to Frankfurt, which has Germany’s best-connected airport.  
(Read more about the tour)
• To see more tours of Bavaria see here at Tours of Bavaria.

Three-day Munich to Frankfurt Tour – Romantic Road, Rothenburg, Hohenschwangau, Neuschwanstein, Linderhof

Cost: from €414
Duration: Three days, two nights

viator-neuschwanstein-1This three-day excursion combines the best of the Romantic Road with a visit to Ludwig II’s castles in the Königswinkel (King’s Corner).
You’ll start with a visit to Ludwig’s pint-sized Linderhof Palace, south of Munich, before stopping briefly in Oberammergau.

viator-hohenschwangauThen you’ll move across to Hohenschwangau, home of the famous castles of Neuschwanstein Castle Germany and Hohenschwangau. On the second day you’ll tour the Romantic Road passing through the city of Augsburg and the fabulous walled villages of Nördlingen and Dinkelsbühl.

viator-rothenberg-3You’ll stay overnight in Rothenberg ob der Tauber and head onto Frankfurt in the evening, passing the city of Würzburg and the Spessart mountains.
(Read more about the tour) 

Four Day Munich to Frankfurt - Romantic Road, Linderhof, Hohenschwangau, Neuschwanstein, Heidelberg

viator-linderhofCost: from €564
Duration: Four days, three nights

A ripper four-day tour taking in southern Germany’s gems. You’ll leave from Munich and head south to visit Ludwig II’s Linderhof Palace and the nearby village of Oberammergau.
viator-neuschwansteinThen it’s back on the bus and onto Hohenschwangau, where two of Ludwig’s castles, Hohenschwangau and the so-called “Disney” castle Neuschwanstein, sit in majestic Alpine glory.
On the second day you’ll head up the famous Romantic Road touring route.
It’ll take you through the gorgeous medieval towns of Augsburg, Nördlingen and Dinkelsbühl to the jewel in the crown, Rothenburg ob der Tauber. After checking in to your hotel a nightwatchman will give you an evening tour.
viator-augsburgDay three includes a leisurely morning in Rothenberg followed by the journey to the bustling metropolis of Frankfurt.
Day four includes a half-day trip to Heidelberg including a visit to Heidelberg Castle.
It’s back to Frankfurt (Germany’s biggest airport hub) in the afternoon.  A great tour of Bavaria and beyond!
(Read more about the tour)

If you have questions relating to these tours of Bavaria, I’ll try to help you out.
But Destination Munich is just a booking partner of Viator, so your best bet is to contact them directly. You can do that through their contact page here

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