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Tours in Munich - top circuits of the city

Tours in Munich. There are a lot of benifits to taking an organised tour of Munich. You can avoid the hassle of public transport, meet fellow travellers and you get an entertaining tour guide who's there to explain everything and enrich the whole experience.

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Oktoberfest Munich - a guide to Oktoberfest 2017

Oktoberfest Munich 2017. FAQ, 100's of photos and stories on the Munich Oktoberfest. An illustrated and in-depth guide: Which tent to pick, How much it will cost, when to go, how it started and more.

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Munich Auer Dult - a people's fair

Munich Auer Dult. A Destination Munich guide to this thrice-yearly outdoor market.

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Destination Munich - A travel guide to Munich, Germany

Destination Munich is an illustrated, groovy travel guide to Munich. Info on Munich Oktoberfest 2017, Munich hotels, what to do in Munich, things to see in Munich and Bavaria vacations.

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Munchener Fruhlingsfest - An illustrated guide to the Munich Spring Festival 2016

Munchener Fruhlingsfest - the Munich Spring Festival 2016 is set to be ripper. An illustrated Destination Munich guide.

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Kocherlball - A Munich tradition

An illustrated article about the Kocherlball - A unique old-time dance in Munich's bigest park. Here’s one right out of the history books. The Kocherlball or

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Augsburg Plarrer

The Augsburg Plärrer is the biggest beer festival in Bavarian Swabia. It's on twice a year and is a great alternative to the Munich Oktoberfest.

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Munich Christopher Street Day 2016

Munich Christopher Street Day 2016. A Destination Munich guide to the city's biggest gay and lesbian celebration.

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Kaltenberg Knights Tournament 2016 - Kaltenberger Ritterturnier

Kaltenberg Knights Tournament 2015 - the Kaltenberger Ritterturnier will thrust you right back to the middle ages.

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Tollwood 2015 - Munich's big summer fiesta

Tollwood 2016 is all about music, food, and world culture. An illustrated Destination Munich guide to this great summer festival.

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Munich Streetlife Festival

Munich Streetlife Festival. Twice a year, the entire population of Munich moves outside. At least that's what it must seem like to anyone who visits during the biannual Streetlife Munich, the city’s biggest street party.

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Munich Festivals

Munich festivals. An illustrated guide to festivals and events in and around Munich, from Destination Munich.

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Munich Marathon - join the race

An illustrated article about the Munich Marathon. Find out what you need to know about the race. A Destination Munich guide.

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Munich Strong Beer Festival 2016 - Starkbierfest

The Munich Strong Beer Festival 2016 (Starkbierfest) is sometimes called the city's fifth season. It's a celebration of potent brews which was started by a group of monks.

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Munich Glockenspiel - about the Glockenspiel Munich

Munich Glockenspiel - Destination Munich's illustrated and in-depth story about the Glockenspiel Munich.

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Munich for kids - things to do in Munich

Munich for kids. Things to do in Munich for children. hands-on museums, fun parks and more! A Destination Munich guide.

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Traditional German lederhosen

Traditional German lederhosen. An illustrated guide to German lederhosen costumes, from Destination Munich, the Oktoberfest experts.

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Inside Neuschwanstein Castle photos - a gallery

Inside Neuschwanstein Castle photos. A gallery of photos inside Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany's most famous pile of bricks.

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Oktoberfest Dirndl photos - a Dirndl gallery

Oktoberfest Dirndl photos. A collection of pictures of Bavarian Dirndls. From Destination Munich.

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Beer Purity Law 500th anniversary festival

This one-off festival will celebrate 500 years of the Bavarian Reinheitsgebot - Beer Purity Law

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